Wide range of innovative products for interior solutions with exceptionally high quality manufactured and delivered to a client in time with professional service.

AGT Plus LLC is more than 5000 m2 of production space on a territory of 20,000 m2.

Own powerful production, equipped with modern high-tech equipment, allows us to make furniture facades and door blocks quickly and with high quality. Excellence in every small detail, technology, and highly individualized approach to each of our clients are key for us. We work for our clients!

To make our cooperation with a client more effective, we carefully choose a range of necessary materials as we know that a successful combination of colors and textures can totally change a premise, split space into zones, and make an interior unique and harmonious. Our first in Ukraine innovative project "UNIQUE STYLE" is a combination of furniture facades and interior doors with perfect precision of shades. Imagine how a baseboard comes to interior doors and wall panels with classic to ultramodern gloss outlook. All materials are in harmony with each other. It opens a wide range of opportunities to implement different design concepts and to emphasize on expansive technological and emotional proposals of our company.

AGT Plus LLC is an energetic and successful team of professionals that focused on continuous improvement and on new original ideas generation. Nowadays, more than 3,000 Ukrainian companies are among our clients, as we achieve successfully our mission - From Friends to Friends.

From Friends to Friends


Production space

Total territory
20 000m2


Interior doors are an important functionality of any premises that can help to satisfy your aesthetic and ergonomic requirements as well as may add elegant touch to your interior.

Doors are made from many different materials: wood, metal, glass, etc. AGT Plus specializes in mounted doors, which have become extremely popular over the past few years.

Features of our doors - two MDF door panels filled with corrugated cardboard in-between (improves soundproofing), with MDF-pane around a perimeter (adds rigidity), an aluminum door box, which is the main part of any mounted door, and quality fittings. Doors can be installed at the same level as a wall, without a slab. It allows you to realize many design ideas!

AGT Plus interior doors will definitely make your premises comfortable and stylish. We can also propose ideally matching floorboards, floors, wall panels and even furniture facades in the same style, or even made from the same material as a door, for your interior.

AGT Plus offers a wide range of panels to produce exquisite design facades for any premises. You can choose from a large variety of MDF and chipboard panels, MDF grilles and glass. We produce furniture facades with aluminum profiles that can be painted in any RAL color. In combination with glass of different texture and built-in lighting, these facades will undoubtedly create the wow effect of your interior design.

In our assortment, we have over 300 decors carefully selected by leading Ukrainian and Italian designers. Without a doubt, you can find a design solution for your interior among a wide range of solutions to complete both classical and modern styles of interiors.

We carefully observe latest trends in interior design and update our product range accordingly.

Wall panels have become a popular interior accent. They look amazing in combination with a mounted door from the same material. Today you can notice them almost in every fashionable interior, both in classic and modern styles. We make wall panels from any material, of any form and combination. In addition, we have invented a unique system of fastening such wall panels. AGT Plus offers wall panels for houses, hotels and offices.

AGT Plus wall panels have many advantages:

AGT Plus – realization of your interior fantasies.